Story behind the blog

As the title suggests this is a confused blog , you will find here post on random-est of thing. Initially I was skeptical about the title as I thought coming from a development background I might end up writing only the tech stuffs and things. Let me give you a background on how this blog came into existence .

At the start of last year I thought about opening my blog but was always confused about the content . I wanted my blog to be something different ( every one does ) and unique, and to show off my coding skills I had to implement every cool things learned so far. So first what I did is bought a domain and since then started working on different designs and concepts finally to reject them all at the end. This went on for a while and the day came when the domain expired , finally decided to let go off the idea for the time being. Once in a while it fraught my mind that being a web developer I don’t have blog of my own which should be the first thing to be done on my checklist.

One random night while watching videos on YouTube I stuck to the title confused blogger it seemed just right for me so I bought the domain and as usual forgot about it. Life was going on until I was taunted by my friend about the domain and asking if this will also expire like previous one . That same night I added this theme and wrote my first blog on a aws tutorial and went on reordering different elements and color scheme till the point I thought it will never be good enough to meet my expectation and decided to go live with the current state and here it is.

What I learned from this experience is that its never gonna be the perfect time to start with your blog , you just need to start with something and gradually you can keep making changes to the point you think this is it.

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