PES 2016 – Demo Review

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 demo is out for PlayStation and Xbox.

A favorite and a clear winner during the vintage time of PlayStation 2 and original Xbox, Konami’s soccer game is set to come back with it’s latest edition PES 2016, but is it worth it and will be able to threat FIFA 16 ?

It became worse and EA Sports FIFA Series game’s absolutely annihilated PES in sales and critics rating during the time of PS3 and XBox 360.

PES was assumed dead until last year. PES 2015 had lot of improvements over the series and finally Konami was seen seen getting grip with current gen console graphics, game play was fluid, fast with cracking soundtrack.

After the success and improvements made last year a debate flared as PES 2016 was considered a threat to FIFA 16.

The PES 2016 demo can be found on both consoles with 8 playable teams Juventus, AS Roma, Bayern Munich, Corinthians, Palmeiras, Germany, Brazil, and France.

Players can choose from a range of difficulties, in seven or 10 minute matches, and select one of two stadia; Juventus Stadium in Italy, and Arena Corinthians in São Paulo.

This time PES runs at 1080p and is far more fluid than last version. You feel the control over ball ,  teams are now better at closing gaps and marking their opponents. AI has improved a lot.

I haven’t played FIFA 16 yet so comparing it with FIFA 15 , I can still say PES needs to work on lot of areas like graphics even though it’s sharper than before still looks shit to me, you feel like playing a game in ps2.

Even though you will have great time playing the demo, a flare which FIFA series has is missing.

Celebrations are a huge disappointment. The content feeling you get in mocking your opponent in  FIFA is missing.

Irritating extra cut scenes.

I just truly think its overrated and hyped without a reason , I would switch to PES only if I am bored of playing FIFA from last few years and not because it’s better than FIFA.

If this is what PES has to bring in full version , it fails to impress me.

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